IT Consulting Services

Our core competency

and the very foundation of our business is in providing Technical Consulting Services in IT & Communications. We are a team of experts, highly qualified engineers and consultants who have worked across some of the largest network operations in Australia and beyond.

Server and PC Networks

Microsoft and hybrid OpenSource/Linux

Cloud Technology Platforms

Microsoft, OpenSource/Linux, Data Centre and Internet Infrastructure

Application Support

Web and Database systems, Email and Collaboration; Financial and Bespoke software

Develoment and Innovation

Design, Develop and Implementation of complex systems, System Integration

The company has been positioned

for almost 30 years as a mid-tier IT consultancy and Systems Integrator.

Our core technical team provide a backbone of competency covering data centre servers, network and desktop deployments, application software and database development, Internet strategy and innovation in Web and Cloud Computing.

The company has managed Outsourcing assignments at the enterprise level across government, engineering, healthcare, mining, finance, and at the small to medium business level across most industry sectors.


Stability and Consistency

Over 30 years under the same management


A broad team of engineers, analysist and programmers cover all IT bases


Part-time, Ad-hoc, Full Outsourcing


Provides depth, breadth and ensures continuity of staff over time

Professional consultancy services

are the backbone of our business. We provide 2nd and 3rd level support for clients with existing IT staff. We provide complete Outsourced IT support (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3) for smaller organisations running without internal IT departments.

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