IT Strategy / Review

There is nothing more inefficient,

cumbersome and costly to maintain than a patchwork IT system which has formed over successive generations. A clear IT strategy aligns all resources, ensuring the best IT solution is deployed with the most efficient use of capital.

We spearhead our projects by first reviewing the existing IT systems in a structured IT Review or a Technical/Security Audit. A simple Business Impact Analysis (BIA) of critical systems quantifies exactly what level of redundancy is needed. IT Strategy is then formed using knowledge of Best Practices and known technology trends. This is why IT Strategy is best set using credible senior IT consultants with the breadth, depth and experience of current systems.

The technical backbone of our company is the senior consulting team with technical depth and full background of experience of having experienced many technology waves. Our team combines experiences from a Silicon Valley innovative startup, cloud computing, data centre and ISP infrastructure, large ERP and database/application developments, and having conducted audits and IT strategy reviews across many large enterprise and government organisations for the last 30 years.

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We are Experts for these

  • IT Strategy
  • Security Audit and Technical Audit
  • Project Management
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Sarbanes Oxley Audit Compliance
  • Systems Analysis
  • IT Management

The Central Data Advantage

  • Combined over 30+ years experience in the IT industry
  • Capacity to deliver internationally
  • Long-standing sustainability as well as monetary stability
  • Resource skills as well as certifications
  • Best people as well as procedure practices
  • Scalability as well as suppleness in operations

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