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the foundation on which businesses operate today. Our IT network specialists span the gamit of technologies from Microsoft to Linux, high availability to supercomputing, and system integration with cloud computing platform technologies.

With almost 3 decades in the industry, our team has worked across very type of network and communications technology. We employ a team engineers who’s skills range from Guru through to Level 1 HelpDesk. The network team was responsible for design, build and operations of the QV.1 data centre which is a testimony to the depth of technical skills are awareness of performance and security issues. Customers range from Government and Corporate sector through to small to medium business and covers projects ranging from complete review of network strategy and security audits through to simple add-hoc network support or network migration projects.

Whether you are reviewing a Microsoft network or resolving issues on a much more sophisticated wide area network, please speak with our engineering team about your requirements and let us bring our body of experience to your project.

We are Experts for these

  • Citrix
  • Microsoft
  • Linux
  • Web Application and Database
  • Mobile, VoIP, IPv6 and Wireless networking
  • Virtualisation: VMWare, Xen, KVM, HyperV
  • ISP infrastructure
  • DRP (Disaster Recovery Planning) and Automated Offsite Backups
  • Cloud technologies including: Citrix, EC2,, VMWare
  • Email Collaboration Systems: Microsoft Exchange, Zimbra, GMail

We are Experts for these

  • Combined over 30+ years experience in the IT industry
  • Capacity to deliver internationally
  • Long-standing sustainability as well as monetary stability
  • Resource skills as well as certifications
  • Best people as well as procedure practices
  • Scalability as well as suppleness in operations

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