IT Audit

IT Audit's provide surety to management.

Audits can validate the IT team’s performance. It can confirm that the IT staff’s request for additional resources are warranted. It can give independent confirmation that Best Practices are in place or it may simply confirm that are fully recoverable. In organisations with multiple stake-holders, independent Audit’s provide arms length validation of a systems health or exposures.

Our senior consulting team has decades of experience conducting IT audits. These include focused projects considering security penetration through to simple high-level IT audits across all IT.

Results are presented to management in the form of a tabularised report which also details priorities and offers recommendations for action if needed.

We conduct Sarbanes Oxley IT Audit Compliance regularly for companies with US head offices.

We are Experts for these

  • IT Strategy
  • Security Audit and Technical Audit
  • Project Management
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Sarbanes Oxley Audit Compliance
  • Systems Analysis
  • IT Management

The Central Data Advantage

  • Combined over 30+ years experience in the IT industry
  • Capacity to deliver internationally
  • Long-standing sustainability as well as monetary stability
  • Resource skills as well as certifications
  • Best people as well as procedure practices
  • Scalability as well as suppleness in operations

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