Software development

Database, Web and Web Applications, Systems Integration, ERP and Financial.

Our team combines current industry perspective of Silicon Valley start-ups with local software engineering talent, driven by senior engineering staff with up 30 years industry experience.

We work across client/server and database technologies, through to Web Applications that harness the Cloud.

Bespoke Software Innovation

Custom business applications for solving specific business problems. Our team undertakes projects from small to $1m, spanning the range of technologies covering database, web, mobile and wide area network solutions.

Example Projects

  • AppStore and Billing system integrated with backend service infratructure. (Complex Systems Integration)
  • Point-of-Sale integrated with central database repository for multi-tenant business units. (Web, Mobile, WAN, Tablet and database infrastructure)
  • Project Management and Costing (for several large Mining/Engineering and Telco organisations)
  • Ticketing System for Railway Transport (multi-layer from ATVM to centralized servers).

Speak with us about your planned system. Allow our consultant to assist you in developing a detailed technical plan which can be costed and managed.

ERP and Financial Integrated Systems

We have extensive experience working across ERP and Financial systems, developing custom modules that interface or integrate with the core system.

Payroll, Mine Production PLODS, Project Costing, Purchasing, Document Management and Document Tracking, Point-of-Sale, Business Reporting, CRM.

Our team works across most of the key technologies and brings almost 30 years of experience. Speak with one of our consultant about your specific business requirements.

Website and Web Application

We combine high quality Web interface design with technical design and development. Incorporating the latest web technologies we develop scalable, functional well designed Web and database applications.

Whether your project in a new innovation or re-engineering an existing business application for the web, please speak to one of our consultants about our Development Methodology and team approach.

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