System Integration

From 2010 companies must migrate to the new IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) or risk becoming invisible to the growing population of Internet users and services.

The old IPv4 system is full as of late 2010 with no further number ranges existing that can be allocated. Networks who continuing to use IPv4 ranges will be unable to access newer services which are being forced to deploy on IPv6 ranges.

This is an important transition time for the Internet. It’s a critical transition time for every business. We recommend you speak to an expert who has done it before.

IPv6 networking is extremely sophisticated and based on our engineering teams experience in our QV.1 data centre, migration project should be planned and executed with great care.

If your company is ready to migrate please contact our engineering team to get detailed background on how best to manage the change. We have senior engineering staff available to help you develop a detailed project execution plan.

The Central Data Advantage

  • Combined over 30+ years experience in the IT industry
  • Capacity to deliver internationally
  • Long-standing sustainability as well as monetary stability
  • Resource skills as well as certifications
  • Best people as well as procedure practices
  • Scalability as well as suppleness in operations

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