Cloud Computing platforms

Central Data Systems is a pioneer

and innovator of cloud computing for over 15 years. We operates PUBLIC, PRIVATE and HYBRID cloud platforms. The technologies employed span VMWare to EC2, Citrix/Microsoft, and GoPC/Linux and a range of OpenSource systems. The facilities extend to Web, Mobile, Virtual server and Para-virtualized server systems. It is basically supercomputing which is now being harnessed to provide business solutions.

The supercomputing (or mainframe) infrastructure can be rented as a service allowing customers to save costs dramatically on setup time, purchase costs, bedding down, and future growth can done without the usual stepped costs when more equipment is needed. Putting it simply, its easier to tap into an existing setup, less risky and lower cost than 'building a network yourself'.

Cloud Technology Stack

We present

end-to-end services from consulting and implementation to continuing support activities together with the tools as well as partner relationships to put into practice run and keep an eye on any cloud-based process.

Our vendor-neutral move toward cloud computing, united with multi-platform proficiency happens to be the reason for which such a lot of companies turn to Central Data Systems for cloud IT solutions in Perth services.

Secured access to my Data.

Everything is encrypted to a level equivalent to most banks. Customer Data can be easily replicated back to an office server or another data centre. Application Software typically selected can be implemented on local machines as a fallback measure.

Where to Begin?

There are options available starting with simple cloud solutions. With the range of technologies the best solutions are often gradual migration with clear back-out plans. Moving to the cloud isn't difficult but it does need to be planned. Speak with one of our consultants and let us tailor a solution and cost out the options for you.