About Us

Our mission is helping your business

In 1999, we changed our name to represent what we do - centralise data systems.

In 2009, this philosophy became the mainstream of the IT industry - cloud computing.

Our core business is providing professional IT consulting services - network, desktop, server, database, web and Internet. The backbone of our company is our team of IT specialists - senior engineers, technology Guru's, web and Internet experts.

We built and operate the QV.1 data centre - customised hosting and Cloud services.

We provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd line of support for our customers. We innovate and are experienced in commercialising technology - GoPC.net is a cloud technology start-up with active Silicon Valley office since Dec 2007.

Our mission today is helping business to rationalise, improve and run their IT systems. We form IT Strategy. We centralise and standardise. We plan and manage the execution of IT projects. We ensure everything keeps running.

The specialisation in Cloud Computing and our work across the full range of available technologies exposes us to the latest and most important Private clouds, Public clouds, Hybrid cloud technologies. We use whatever fits our customers requirements the best.

Our customers range from small to enterprise, government and multinationals. We never put a customer at risk by going beyond what we've done before ourselves.